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Edwing D'Angelo presenta su colección 2015 al estilo colombiano

Edwing D'Angelo showed his latest resort collection to great fanfare, overlooking Central Park North.
NEW YORK - Edwing D'Angelo showed off on June 5th is latest resort collection to great fanfare overlooking Central Park North. Many spectators packed in to see Mr. D'Angelo's latest collection, and to see what creative ideas he would put on display for New York to see.The collection, which was named "The Pedigree of the New Blue Blood Lineage", was inspired by the young affluent professional class that is looking to establish itself in the new world.

The presentation was filled with many unexpected surprises.  Emphasizing masculine sexuality, was the vogue for fitted pants, and D'Angelo brings them in full force for the ladies and the gentlemen. 
Photos: Anthony Hawthorne
For the female, D'Angelo stays somewhat minimalistic, the body becomes the protagonist, inviting his lady to explore a more revealing/see-through wardrobe for this season where she can have fun dressing up in evenings ensembles and keeping her swimwear in display, if she chooses to.  
  Photos: Anthony Hawthorne 
For color palette, D'Angelo selects solid blue hues, white and softer prints that bring those get-a-aways tropical vacations an unforgettable ones and give an infinite ocean of relaxation while maintaining class and distinction.  The collection is made up mostly of Italian cottons, silk chiffon, mesh, double face jersey, silk satin, light tropical wools and hardware like large zippers.  D'Angelo had one more surprise for the show as he had all of his models wear the visors made popular my Ms. V. Stiviano. A roar of cheers were let out when the crowd saw the display. The show left the crowd anticipating his Spring 2015 presentation.
The presentation which took place in Harlem, had many local and industry personalities on hand. 

Photos: Anthony Hawthorne
About Edwing D'Angelo
Edwing D'Angelo is a young chic and dashing Colombian-born New York fashion designer emerging through mainstream America.  

D'Angelo's work was highlighted in the The New York Times, New York Post, Daily News, Baruch College Magazine, Next Magazine, WWD and the Hollywood hit movie The Devil Wears Prada, starring Meryl Streep.

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